Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Real Food for the Spirit

As mothers and wives, we typically carry the responsibility of providing nourishing foods to our families.  Many mothers are becoming increasingly aware, and vocal, about the benefits of whole foods, untainted by man-made chemicals or treatments.  There is a very strong emphasis these days on organic, natural produce, and on abstaining from foods that are highly processed.  We're becoming better at making sure things are safe for our families and will help our kids to grow. 

But do we pay as much attention to our Spiritual nourishment as we do to our physical nourishment?

The bloggers at Keeper of the Home addressed this issue in a post recently, that I thought I'd share through here; check out their post, Real Food for the Spirit.  We should all reflect on what we're putting into our own systems, and whether we're showing enough concern for nourishing our souls with God's truths, or if we're more prone to filling ourselves with superficial, processed 'food'.  And it's a great time to remind ourselves that these are matters of eternal consequence - infinitely more important than whether we choose to eat grains or not - so while we are still called to be good stewards of our bodies by what we put into them, our spiritual well-being needs to hold the higher priority. 

To God be the glory, forever and ever, Amen!

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