Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Here's another outside link with great perspective.  It's an article on respect, specifically how wives need to show our husbands respect.  It covers the concept well, but has little practical advice.  So here's my quick list of practical ways to show respect to your husband:
1. Don't nag. 
2. Don't nag. (Some things need to be said twice.)
3. Your husband is not a dog, so please don't talk to him like one. 
4. He's also not a child.  Same point as above.
5. Honor him when you're with your friends.  Stand up for your husband's strengths and guard his weaknesses.  Your friends do not need to know the ways you've felt let down.  Your mom likely doesn't either.
6. Honor him in front of your children.  Telling your kids, even jokingly, that, "Daddy doesn't help clean," or, "Daddy doesn't have to work as hard as Mommy," is damaging to your husband's authority, his reputation, and his relationship with his kids.  Build him up in front of your children and help them to respect him, too.
7. Honor him in public.  Why is it that women get much more condescending with their husbands when there's an audience??  Embarrassing stories should be sanctioned by him, or likely not brought up at all.  Discussing issues you have as a couple, even if you pass it off as a joke, still can be painful to him.  Just - don't. 
8. Honor him when it's just the two of you.  Allow him to be the head of the household, respond to him with modesty and submission, particularly in times where you disagree.
9. Honor him in your heart.  Respect is not merely an outward showing.  Ask God to make a change in your heart that you may truly respect your man, not just act like it.

Now, read this:

To God be the glory, forever and ever, Amen!

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